A little bit of history……

Big Green Tree – Natural skincare was created in 2009 by us Helen and Paul Frear; we are based in Chesterfield, Derbyshire nestled on the edge of the Peak District in the United Kingdom. Helen’s background is Accountancy and when two little children came along decided to adjust how she looked at work/life balance; keenly fond of the arts and artisan products; my background is deeply rooted in sales and customer service in a B2B environment again with a love of photography and the arts.

With children came the usual mix of things you never knew before… Such as child hood eczema, dry and sensitive skin, for which there are dozens of competing bulk produced products. This got us questioning the efficacy of some of these “sensitive” products, given some of them seemed to actually make skin flakier and drier than before. We decided to investigate this and see what was available that would not aggravate or inflame sensitive skin. And so embarked on a crusade that turned into a fully fledged business.

With our knowledge of the wider natural market came the understanding and development of core technical competencies built up around our bank of Cosmetic Safety Assessments/Licences as well as EU and Local trading standards requirements; around the design and manufacturer of both stay on skin and wash off skincare products. A knowledge of chemicals drew us to the conclusion that the use of Parabens, SLS, SLES and Palm Oil did not fit with the ethic of the range that we wished to produce; the first three components listed are very common products used in bulk off the shelf manufactured toiletries and cosmetics but are associated with skin irritations and in the case of Parabens a link to hormone irregularities and cancer exists; whilst Palm Oil (even supposed “green palm oil”) is associated with the devastating destruction of the natural habitat of the Orang-utan.

Click the link to visit our blog page here at wordpress: https://biggreentreenaturalskincare.wordpress.com/

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