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Male grooming just got better

Male grooming just got better………

These new products add into our existing VIRTUS™ range and compliment your whole head to toe, daily regime. Beards, Moustaches and your good old Barnet are all very well looked after with these natural, nourishing products.

Two options for Beards, an Oil or a Balm; two I hear you cry, why, what’s the difference….which one should I use?

So the Balm will help to both nourish and condition your beard and if you have a rogue beard that enjoys doing its own thing this will help to shape and style, just warm the beard balm in your hands massage in to your beard and shape, combing through to style. Our Beard oils are fantastic, they are thinner and therefore soak in easily and are great for keeping your prized beard in tip top condition; and here’s a top tip; always apply to a dry beard, this way the active ingredients get pulled deeper into the hair.

Since the early Greeks we have sported a variety of styles and shapes of moustache from the rather extravagant to the small and diminutive, so whether you are sporting a Dali or a Horseshoe our firm hold Moustache wax will keep you looking dandy and styled all day long; it comes in a handy metal container with screw lid so easily fits into a man bag or pocket in case of emergency at sea!

And last, but not least the Barnet, short, spikey, wayward whatever your style, colour or cut our natural hair wax will keep your spikes spiked, or your fringe framing all day, with the added advantage that our carefully hand crafted product will nourish and condition along the way.

Being launched in Harrogate on the 19th July 2015, come along and see us at Harrogate Home & Gift

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