The WOW factor….naturally

ImageDreamy is one of the words to describe our facial serum, designed to bless the skin with radiance and elasticity, the calendula oil helps the fight against thinning skin, whilst the raspberry seed oil with a natural  SPF* of 28 – 50 helps defend against skin damaging UV from the sun. Raspberry oil is one of nature’s wonders, and for this reason it is high up our ingredients list; full of antioxidants this clever little fruit will deliver Vitamin E & A along with Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids; these are the building blocks for healthy cell membranes, helping to deliver plumper and younger looking skin.

Our serum base contains natural Squalane oil derived from Olives; this little fruit helps to balance the faces naturally occurring squalane, which is very similar in makeup to that of the olive squalane and is quickly absorbed deep into the skin to prevent dryness whilst also stimulating new cell growth.

Wrapped around these powerful oils is Jojoba a truly incredible natural oil (actually this oil is a wax) whose [natural] chemical makeup resembles that of our own sebum. So if you are prone to oily or combination skin using Jojoba will in fact mimic your own skins sebum level and minimise over production, helping to prevent shine and making a fantastic base to apply other moisturisers and makeup.

Using the serum on a daily basis only takes a few minutes of your time, and requires only a few drops out of our contemporary design lead airless pump bottle. The best way to apply Serum is simple; we have 6 basic steps you need to take to enjoy all the benefits of this powerful fruity Serum.

  1. A serum should always be the first thing you apply to your skin in a morning, this way it delivers its highly active oils deep into the epidermis
  2. Remember with a Serum you need only the tiniest amount, too little is better than too much
  3. Serum must always be applied to clean skin, try placing a warm flannel over your face very gently patting to make sure contact is all over, this will allow your pores to open a little. Leave the skin slightly moist
  4. Apply tiny spots of serum all over you face before very gently then blend in using swift strong strokes without “rubbing” or pulling the skin
  5. At this point you may feel a tingling sensation, this is more than likely the active ingredients being drawn into the skin
  6. Leave your skin to settle for a few minutes, it needs to feel touch dry before you apply a base layer of suitable moisturiser (preferably from the same brand so you know you won’t get a reaction), you can also apply makeup straight onto your skin at this point

Why not compliment your daily beauty regime with one our 5 moisturisers designed for different types of skin and age and our natural Cucumber Cleanser and English Lavender Toner.

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 *Note this is not a medically certified product and we can’t confirm the exact SPF within it, please do not use this to replace

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