Love – your skin – hydrate hydrate hydrate

Love - your skin - hydrate hydrate hydrate

So let’s start at the beginning….Moisturisers do not add extra moisture to your skin, therefore “moisturising” it. A good quality moisturiser will attract moisture to your skin and help protect your skin by forming a barrier that holds water in. By using a moisturiser, you can stop your skin from losing its hydration and allow it to put the moisture it does have to good use.

The market place is full of differing types of moisturisers with a wide variety of ingredients. The more natural the product and oil or butter based in our opinion the better the outcome for your skin, most moisturisers have two common elements either an: emollient which makes your skin smoother or humectants which hold in moisture.

Both help soften your skin. Moisturisers can contain a host of other ingredients, such as fragrances, sunscreens, tints, vitamins, botanical extracts and age-fighting compounds. They will usually hold a preservative to keep the product fresh; with natural or organic products this could be for example Vitamin E (which is also good for skin regeneration).

Choosing the right moisturiser for your face depends on what type of skin you have, this can be determined by life style and age and will dictate which product is best suited for you.

To help you determine which moisturiser is correct for your skin visit our Women’s facial skincare page and read up, it’s all natural with no outlandish claims, it just does what is should do!

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