4 Steps to the perfect shave

Step 1 Pre shave oil

Pre-shave oil will help to reduce skin irritations such as in growing hairs; razor bumps and it will also condition the skin and soften the bristles. Apply a few drops of oil into your hands using your hands to gently warm the oil up then apply to your face in an upward motion to lift the bristles ready for applying the shave soap.

Step 2 Shave soap

Take an Almond size piece of our traditional VIRTUS shaving soap

Put this into the palm of one hand or a bowl and lather up using warm water to thoroughly wet the bristles of your shave brush. The amount of cream/foam will vary depending upon your method and the type of water you have (hard or soft)

Then begin to lather the creamy suds onto you face, this you should do in a circular motion taking time to massage in well and all over, the mixture does not need to be deep, but a nice lathered “wet” texture to allow the blade to glide and slide over the skin.

Be mindful not to use too much water or you will dilute the cream/lather.

Step 3 Shave

Shave with the “grain” of your whiskers using a heavy traditional shaver where possible as this will help draw the blade gently over the skin rather than being pushed against the skin. This process should be repeated twice with a re-lather up in between. This ensures all whiskers are captured and as long as you have applied pre-shave oil and a good quality shave soap the skin will not feel red and angry.

Step 4 Aftershave Balm

Rather than applying an Eau de cologne or Alcohol based aftershave apply a soothing Aftershave balm instead. Unlike an alcohol based product this will not dry your skin but will help to soothe, moisturise and protect your skin. Apply in soft gentle circular motions around the shaved area.


Your favourite Cologne or fragrance can be applied behind the earlobes, or below the shaved area.