A great British tradition

Punch n Judy - Weymouth style-2

Although Punch and Judy has been around in the form we know it today since circa 1662 it owes its origins to the Italian 16th century Commedia dell’ arte. He is based on the psyche of the “Lord of Mis-rule” a figure rooted deep in the mythology of the time.
Samuel Pepys himself noted the first show in of all places Covent Garden and this was indeed performed by an Italian artist working under the stage name of Signor Bologna.
The squeaky voice of Punch is produced by the “Professor” or puppeteers using a swazzle to re-create the sometimes harsh kazoo like noise from Mr. Punch.
Punch performs with Judy, their baby, a hungry crocodile, a clown, an officious policeman, and a prop string of sausages; sometimes even the devil and hangman may make appearances but, you can guarantee that Punch will win the day:


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