The miracle of the humble Raspberry

Raspberry Seed Oil (Rubus idaeus) is now a common fruit widely grown and available across Europe, Asia and North America a little known fact is that this powerful little fruit is part of the Rose family; and whilst many of us will chomp through these tasty and indeed healthy treats, these powerful little fruits have wider applications.

The oil of the Raspberry is great at hydrating your skin, and especially so when combined in a facial serum for deep down relief. Full off omega fatty acids and vitamins A & E which help to ensure that your skin looks healthy and clear.

 Raspberry Seed Oil is a champion of the natural skin care world having a very pleasant tactile feel, combined with a wide range of anti-ageing benefits, some UV protection (factor 4) and pronounced anti-inflammatory effects.

Using just a few drops of an intensive facial serum like the one produced by Big Green Tree – Natural Skincare, as part of a wider feel good about yourself philosophy can provide well being benefits without the need for cosmetic interventions or more manmade chemical derived ingredients.

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