Top Beauty tips for Shea butter

Shea butter is a familiar ingredient on many ingredients labels and can be found in a wide variety of beauty products from household names and small handmade producers alike. In this article, Paul and Helen Frear of Derbyshire-based, handmade beauty care business Big Green Tree explain what Shea butter is and the benefits of incorporating it in your daily Health and Beauty regime, as well as sharing their 10 top tips for the use of Shea butter.

Shea butter is probably the only ingredient you will ever really need to put on your skin to nourish, rejuvenate and protect it. It is highly rich in Vitamins A and E, which combined together help cell regeneration and anti-ageing.

Shea butter is made from the stone (kernel or pit but not a nut) of the Shea fruit, which can be found on the Karite tree. This tree is found in abundance in the West and Central belts of Africa, where the fruit  is farmed to be eaten. Once the soft fruit has been eaten, the stone is dried then roasted and part boiled so the Shea butter can be extracted.

Due to the abundance of the Karite tree and the renewable way in which it is farmed, it can rightly claim to be the most sustainable Butter/Oil used in the world today; in fact Africans have been using the butter derived from the stone for thousands of years to heal and protect their skins against the harsh UV sunlight, wind, sand and a whole host of wounds and skin conditions. It is also referred to as “women’s Gold” as this fruit farming is undertaken by women and helps to provide them with resources to feed their families and pay for education.

Shea butter has many healing properties and can be used to help conditions such as, eczema, psoriasis, severe dry skin (Feet, Elbows and hands), burns, rashes, wounds, cuts, abrasions and in pregnant women, stretch marks. It can also help relieve symptoms of arthritis due to its ability to reduce inflammation and irritation.

10 Top tips for the use of Shea butter:

  1. Apply to legs after shaving to help soothe and smooth.
  2. Helps boost volume on fine hair.
  3. Helps to ease “frizz”.
  4. Help nails and cuticles look great by rubbing in small amounts.
  5. Apply a generous amount to hands and feet just before bed – use cotton socks and gloves to lock in the benefit and wake up wonderfully moisturised.
  6. Shea has a small SP factor, apply to skin to counter UV ageing.
  7. Apply to lips and ears in the winter to help protect against the elements.
  8. Apply to lips to help define and plump.
  9. Apply as a base foundation (small amount) before applying make up for a smoothing base.
  10. Apply liberally to help reduce blemishes – naturally.

About Big Green Tree: Paul and Helen produce a fine luxurious range of Parabens and SLS free Shea butter based products, fragranced to lift the spirits and indulge the senses whilst being very kind to your skin. The Autumn/Winter range “Scarlett” has a rich, woody fragrance with hints of oriental spice and Juniper, nested on a bed of cedar wood, fig, patchouli, sandalwood, powdery musk, vanilla, frankincense and myrrh; just perfect for the festive season!

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